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Investor Relations Policy


Investor Relations Policy
(Version – March 2011)

1. General Principle On Investor Relations Activities

Effective communication with shareholders, investors, analysts and general public is a priority to RGB International Bhd (Formerly known as Dreamgate Corporation Bhd)("RGB"). The guiding principle for the basis of the Company's Investor Relations activities is to ensure that dissemination of RGB's fundamentals to all shareholders, investors and market participants is made in a timely, fair, transparent, accurate, consistent and equal manner.

2. Information Disclosure

RGB is governed by the disclosure obligations expressed in the Main Market Listing Requirements of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad ("MMLR"). In situations where materiality is not measurable by the thresholds set out in the MMLR, the Company will take the stand of assessing the information on the likely effect to the price of the securities and investment decision of the general public.

3. Mode Of Disclosure

RGB makes use of a broad range of communication channels to disseminate information regarding the Company. These would include electronic facilities provided by Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad, press releases, website, email, conference calls, roadshows, group presentations, one-on-one meetings, gaming exhibitions and general meetings (Annual and Extraordinary).

4. Investor Relations Calendar

RGB includes a calendar in its Investor Relations section in its website which contains the dates for earnings publications, general meetings, dividend payouts, analysts' briefings and international roadshows.

5. Forward Looking Statements

Commentary on the prospects of Company's business is usually included in the quarterly financial statements. It may also be guided accordingly in press release and briefing presentations. Investors are warned and reminded that such statements involve assumptions and expectations premised on the available information.

6. Rumours and Market Speculation

Generally, the Company will not respond to reports or rumours unless they contain information that have effect on the share price of its securities or investment decision. The Company will comply with the requirements in the MMLR when responding to such reports, rumours and provide sufficient supporting information.

7. Black-Out Period

RGB practices a black-out period for 30 days before the planned release of its quarterly results. During this period, the Company will not comment on the matters related to the general financial results or expectations. Contacts with external analysts, investors and media will be minimised. However, during the blackout period, the Company would and do respond to enquiries relating to information already made available or disclosed by RGB.

The black-out period is adopted to minimise the risk of information leaks and the potential of providing unequal information to the market.

8. Accountability

This Investor Relations Policy was adopted by the Board of Directors of RGB on 2 April 2010 and further updated on 25th March 2011. The Investor Relations Department is responsible for the implementation and periodic review of the policy. Any material changes to the content will be amended subject to the approval of the Group Managing Director.

Shareholders, investors and the general public who have any comments or remarks in connection of the policy and its applications are required to address them to the following address:

Email :