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Progressive Jackpot Links

RGBGAMES' progressive jackpots feature multiple progressive jackpot variants to cater for the various requirements of the gaming floor. Combined with the proven performance of our portfolio of base games to drive the jackpots, RGBGAMES' progressive jackpots will certainly be a major revenue driver of the floor.

Poker Progressive

Who says jackpots are just for slots? RGBGAMES, in collaboration with Manny Pacquiao, the number 1 pound-for-pound boxer in the world and currently WBO world welterweight champion; is proud to present the Pac-Man Progressive Poker - fusing poker and jackpot to bring you the ultimate high in poker gaming. Come and feel the game with all the realistic animation plus all the excitement that Pac-Man Progressive Poker has to offer.


RGBGAMES' Hybrid is a randomly triggered 4-level jackpot. Once triggered, players are shifted to a second screen where the winning jackpot level will be determined.

Symbol Driven

Our Symbol-Driven progressive jackpots are seamlessly integrated with the base game to create a unique and exciting gaming experience for the players. The jackpot feature is effectively an extension of the game itself and presents players the chance to win the native game features as well as the jackpots. Try out RGBGAMES' latest symbol-driven progressive, Tiki-Tiki Bang Bang. It is a unique and exciting 6-level, symbol-driven jackpot based on the mystical Polynesian theme tuned with multiple QuickRoll™ jackpot hits.


RGBGAMES' Progressive Jackpot - Mystery features 3 jackpot levels which are triggered randomly. Running in tandem with attractive themed, animated sequences, Progressive Jackpot - Mystery will most definitely give players the extra incentives to continue chasing for the big money win! RGBGAMES' latest Progressive Jackpot - Mystery release is the Asian-themed Paramount.